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4 Signs You Need Heating Repair

By All-Temp Heating & Cooling

Date Published: October 4, 2021

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The weather is beginning to cool down, the leaves are changing color, and football is back – truly one of the best times of year here in the valley! With this change of season is the change of need from AC to heat in your home. As you begin to turn your heat on for the first time in a while, you may notice (depending on the age of the system) that it may not be performing quite right.

In this post, we are going to share 4 common signs of needed heater repair. If you notice any of these symptoms with your system, contact the pros at All-Temp!

  1. Your Utility Bills Are Higher Than Usual: One of the first (and most common) signs that something isn’t functioning properly is when your utility bills spike up in cost out of no where. Obviously, as you begin to depend on different appliances, naturally you’ll see an increase in usage – depending on if you use gas or electric. But, if you notice it abnormally high compared to similar months in previous years – then it may be time to investigate. It may be a sign that your heater is not running efficiently.
  2. Uneven Heat Throughout The Home: If you are noticing that some rooms are warmer than other rooms, this may mean that your system is operating incorrectly. Additionally, it could mean that you have leaks in your duct work. In either instance, we can help! Contact us today for all of your Staunton air duct sealing needs.
  3. Your Heater Is Making Strange Noises: Sometimes, as the heat or air expands or contracts the wood in your attic you may hear the occasional strange noise. But, if you are heating frequent noises coming from your HVAC system – you may have a bigger problem on your hands. If your furnace or heat pump is making banging, clanking, or loud buzzing sounds, you may have something about to go wrong with it. This symptom is more common with older systems – or with systems that haven’t been properly maintained over the years. As a just like with a car, if you hear strange noises – then you should probably get it checked out!
  4. The Heater Can’t Keep Up Thermostat: If you are constantly having to crank your thermostat up higher and higher just to keep the house warm, then you may have something wrong with your heater. Not only is this not an enjoyable environment to live in, but it will run your utility bills through the roof and cost more in repairs down the road. Contact All-Temp today for your Staunton heater repair and we can alleviate the issue!

If you notice any of these common signs this fall, contact All-Temp Heating & Cooling! Our team of highly trained and experienced Staunton HVAC technicians are ready to help out. You can schedule service online, or contact our office at 540.448.2470. We proudly serve Staunton, Harrisonburg, Stuarts Draft, Augusta County, and surrounding areas.