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5 A/C Tips for Summer

By All-Temp Heating & Cooling

Date Published: July 19, 2021

We are fortunate in Virginia to enjoy all four seasons. Changing leaf colors on the trees in autumn, snowfall in the winter, and blossoms in the spring. And, yes, heat in the summer. We do not have the level of heat experienced in Phoenix, but it is not uncommon to be in the 90s during the height of summer. To date, Virginia’s hottest temperature on record is 110 degrees.

Our comfort is obviously very important to us. According to the Department of Energy, about 48% of energy use in the U.S. is for heating and cooling.

Extend the life of your system and help it work more efficiently with these five simple tips:

  1. Clean and change your filters regularly. This is one of the simplest steps you can take but is often the most overlooked. Depending on your filter and whether you have allergies, we recommend you change your filter every 45 to 90 days. Reusable filters should be washed, dried, and reinstalled monthly. When in doubt, check your filter. Each filter states the appropriate guidelines for cleaning or changing it.
  2. Inspect and clean vents regularly. Have you ever glanced at the vent in a room to notice a thick layer of dust and gunk? That debris is not just unsightly, it can prevent air from freely flowing out. Your A/C will work less efficiently if it’s blocked by buildup. The dirt can also become a breeding ground for viruses and allergens and negatively impact your indoor air quality.
  3. Keep the area around the outdoor unit clear. When you head outside to mow the lawn, do not overlook the area around the A/C unit. Plants, weeds, and grass can block airflow. The A/C will be inhibited from working at peak efficiency. The system will work harder, and your utility bills will be higher. Keep the area around the unit maintained and free from plant overgrowth.
  4. Seal around doors and windows. The simple concept is to keep the hot air out and the cool air in. When doors and windows are not properly sealed, your A/C (and heating system in the winter) must work harder to compensate for what is escaping through these cracks. You could be losing up to 25% of your cool air through these leaks. A drain on the A/C system and your wallet, air leaks can also lead to moisture and air quality problems in the home. Weatherstripping, caulking, and insulation can help reduce any leaks.
  5. Turn up the temperature when you are not home. There has long been debate on whether you should maintain a constant temperature inside your home. Huge temperature swings can overtax your system. For example, you do not want to turn off your system when you are gone during the day and then crank it to cool to 68 degrees when you return. Keeping your A/C thermostat at 78°F when at home and several degrees warmer when the house is empty can help save you money. You can invest in a programmable thermostat to schedule the temperatures you want for day, night, and when you are away. Find the temperature that works for you while keeping in mind you will save about 3% for each degree warmer.

Getting Help from a Pro

The five tips listed above are great ways to extend the life of your system, save on energy costs, and improve your air quality.

Take your improved efficiencies to the next level with help from our A/C professionals.

  • Annual A/C Tune-Up. Before summer hits, call us to check out the health of your system. Our experienced techs at All-Temp Heating & Cooling will inspect your system indoors and out, including motors, belts, and other internal parts. We will check coolant levels and add more if needed. We will examine the circuits and drain line. Annual maintenance can identify problems while they are still small and less costly to repair.
  • Duct Sealing. Like your windows and doors, properly sealed ducts lessens the stress on your A/C system, saves on cooling costs, and reduces the pollutants entering your home. We can check your system for any leaks and make the necessary repairs to optimize your ductwork.

Proper maintenance and care can help your air conditioner last up to 20 years. Yet, like any other mechanical equipment, you will eventually need to replace your air conditioning system. At All-Temp Heating & Cooling, we offer high-quality systems to fit your needs and budget. Financing options are also available.

Our family-owned and operated HVAC company is a dependable source for your comfort solutions. We provide excellent customer service and top-notch expertise.

We can help you with any HVAC need. Call us today at (540) 999-1656 or reach out using our online form.