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By All-Temp Heating & Cooling

Date Published: August 11, 2016

“Do you know what you’re breathing?”

You’ve probably heard by now that there are many pollutants that can affect your indoor air quality. From irritating odors to potentially dangerous gases like radon and carbon monoxide. Since more and more people are spending their time indoors where the effects of these pollutants, headaches and fatigue. Long term exposures to pollutants can irritate allergies and potentially cause long term health problems such as cancer.

One of the more common pollutants is environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), which is a mixture of more than 4000 chemical that are both found in vapor and particle phases. The most obvious solution is to not smoke in your home.

Pollutants that we have less control over are brought in through leaky duct work or infiltration barriers as well as sources of moisture and bacteria. Once particles accumulate in your duct work they can continue to pose a risk unless removed by a professional.

At All-Temp Heating & Cooling, LLC we offer a range of filtration and maintenance options, from advance filtration to duct sealing. We have a solution for every home.