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The Importance Of Calculating Heat Gain And Loss

By All-Temp Heating & Cooling

Date Published: March 9, 2022

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency With A Properly Sized System

We still have a few more weeks of colder weather here in Staunton, which means we can’t say goodbye to our heater just yet. Before we make the transition from heating to cooling, we wanted our readers to be aware of the importance of calculating the heat gain and loss in your home. Being aware of your home’s heat gain and loss can save you money and maximize your energy efficiency.

What is Heat Gain and Loss?

Heat can enter and leave your home through a variety of sources. Heat can travel through walls and ceilings and sunlight can penetrate through windows. Heat gain and loss is important in both summer and winter months due to heat exiting or entering.. This can affect the comfort level in your home.

Why is Heat Gain and Loss Important?

The amount of heat loss and gain is important for several reasons. In simple terms, calculating gain or loss ensures that your home is being adequately heated or cooled. Determining this calculation allows the homeowner to be aware of the energy needed to keep a room at the desired temperature. It is important to understand your heat loss and how to reduce it.

How to Calculate Heat Gain & Loss

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why do I feel hot and sticky when my AC is set to 68 degrees?” The discomfort you have been feeling could be due to the heat gain and loss in your designated space. The Manual J calculation estimates heating and cooling loads for residential buildings. This formula assesses your situation and describes the size of equipment needed. Manual J is typically used by HVAC technicians like us at All-Temp. 

Manual J analyzes home characteristics such as walls, square footage of floors, ceilings, size of rooms, number of doors and windows, and amount of insulation. Other factors are number of occupants, location, ductwork, sun orientation, and appliances. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) have created a load calculation checklist for technicians to follow as they perform the check in your home. 

All of the factors taken into account help determine the total amount of heat lost and gained through the exterior of a home in the summer and winter months. Taking this specific calculation allows your All-Temp technician to determine a proper HVAC unit for your home. Your technician may provide recommendations for adjustments to make in your space if possible. Let All-Temp help maximize your energy efficiency and keep your home a comfortable temperature.