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HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

By All-Temp Heating & Cooling

Date Published: June 6, 2019

We love our pets; we often even treat them as if they are a part of the family. Unfortunately, while their soft fur makes them warm and cuddly, it also can cause issues for your HVAC unit’s functionality and your home’s indoor air quality.

To make life with pets a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a few tips to make your unit run more efficiently.

Air Filters

In the average home, air filters should be replaced every six months. However, this changes when you consider a few other factors. If any of the following factors impact your home, then your air filters need to be replaced more frequently.

  • Pets – Replace air filters every 2-3 months
  • Kids – Replace air filters every 1-2 months
  • Smokers – Replace air filters every 1-2 months


Keeping your pets well-groomed is another action that could have a huge benefit to your home! Not only will your animals smell nicer, feel cleaner, and look better but they’ll also shed less, which means there will be less fur and dander circulating throughout your home.


While grooming will undoubtedly help to limit the amount of hair and dander that end up in your house, it won’t eliminate it completely, which is why you should maintain a consistent cleaning routine. We would recommend, vacuuming your carpets often since this is where the particles are most likely to settle. Additionally, try using a wet mop or a Swiffer to collect dust, dirt, and particles from tile or wooden floors!

Any pollution or contaminants that enter your HVAC system can cause a great deal of harm. They force your system to work harder than usual, which lowers its efficiency and shortens the unit’s lifespan.


Aside from following these tips, you should also keep up with seasonal and preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit. This will allow the technician to catch any issues that have already occurred or could become a problem in the future. Call All-Temp Heating & Cooling, LLC today to learn more about how we can help keep your air conditioning functioning all summer long!