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5 Fun Facts About Your AC System

By All-Temp Heating & Cooling

Date Published: March 3, 2022

HVAC Can Be Fun, Too!

We think HVAC is fun, but you may not share the same opinion. Considering air conditioning was invented in 1902, there have been a few cool things to happen over the years. Here are some random, yet fun facts about your AC system. Maybe after reading this article, you will think it’s fun too!

AC In Homes Wasn’t Intentional!

So you already know that AC was invented in 1902, but did you know that it wasn’t intentionally built for cooling homes? Willis Carrier designed the first A/C unit in efforts to prevent his papers in his publishing house from expanding and contracting. We sure are thankful for his invention and that they were placed in homes. A summer in Staunton with no air conditioning is not something we ever want to experience! 

Summer Break Was Created Because of Air Conditioning!

Before HVAC was placed in schools, it was thought that summer was too hot for students to learn. Hence, “summer break.” Go ahead and thank air conditioning units for your summer break, kids! 

No AC = No Medicine!

Without the invention of air conditioning, some medications would have never been invented. Therefore, some diseases would have never been cured. And yet another thing to be thankful for with the invention of A/C!

Keep Cool With Some Ice!

Before air conditioners, people used ice. Yep, you read that right. People would place fans behind ice blocks to blow cold air. Pretty innovative if you ask us, but we hope you never have to do this. 

Movie Theaters Capitalized On Summer AC!

Movie theaters had quite the marketing tactics. Theaters had air conditioning before most homes, and they would use this to draw people in during the summers. Hence the term “summer blockbuster.”

Statistics that will make you scratch your head!

  • It is estimated that the amount of energy used on HVAC systems alone exceeds the amount of energy used on the entire continent of Africa. But guess what? We try to lower this statistic by offering an energy audit to see how your system can improve its energy efficiency. 
  • In 2018, only 42% of homeowners performed regular maintenance on their HVAC system. It’s true, air conditioners need routine maintenance to last longer. We suggest having your system serviced twice a year, in the spring and fall before the heavy temperature changes of summer and winter. Right now is the time for your spring maintenance! We make it even easier by offering maintenance plans.

If you made it this far, you realized how HVAC has an interesting history. Hold on to one of these facts and impress one of our technicians with your knowledge the next time we see you!